How to install two whats app accounts/Dual Whatsapp in the single android mobile ?


No special explanation required, because We are aware of the impact of Whats app on our lives. As soon as we wake up, we check for the messages from our loved ones and this continues as the day progress.

Just like me,Have you ever thought of using two whats app accounts in the same mobile? if yes then here is the answer for your question. Follow the below procedure and use dual whats app, one for the dear ones and one for official purpose.
In this post we have provided the sequence of steps to install Dual whats app on your android Mobile, both will work absolutely Fine without affecting the main Account. Don’t believe me ? try the below steps yourself and get in touch with your friends.

Hear we go!!

1. Make sure that you have internet connection.
2. Go to Play store
3. Search for Parallel space app.
4. Download the app, which is absolutely free!
5. After the successful installation, please open the App.
6. Touch the + on the homepage and then select the app (whats app, messenger etc) you want to login with another account
7. Open that particular app in Parallel Space and login with the other account. Simple!

Happy chatting!!!

Please write to us if you face any issues while following the procedure. If you need any information or any doubts regarding android mobile you can contact us. we are there to help you our best 🙂.

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