How to make Space Eater Trojan Virus?


Most of you may be little exited to know about making Trojan virus yourself. Hear is the solution for your excitement, you can learn how to make Trojan virus yourself. we are there to guide with the procedure. when this virus program executed, it will eat up the complete hard drive of the computer. Usually it will get created where the windows is installed(“C” drive). Because it runs when windows files are loaded at the startup and works very quickly. It is capable of eating 1 GB space for every minute, the main problem is,no antivirus can detect this. So, we call it as Space Eater and it got coded in high level programming language, the source code for virus is available at end of the post, Lets see how the program works.

What Exactly is a Trojan Horse:

Trojan horse is a simple program and it allows anonymous person to access our complete information as if “He is our shadow”. Initially it was created by Russians to hack nuclear data of US government. Later millions of computers effected by this virus and this is one of the most dangerous and accurate virus program ever.

Working with Trojan is as follows:

Search for the root drive. access the following location %systemroot%\Windows\System32 Create the file named “spceshot.dll“. Start boosting the junk data onto the above file and keep increasing its size until the drive is full. Once the drive is full, stop the process.

Click hear to download source code.

how to compile this program:

Very Simple to compile all you need is C language(turbo c,c++ etc..)

How to Test Trojan horse program

just run the “spaceshot.dll” file it gives simple warning, if you click ok virus file will start and start eating space How to free up the space and remove Trojan horse virus.

just type following to run %systemroot%\system32 the(n) delete spaceshot.dll file.

This is for educational purpose only.

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