Interview Questions


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<h3><strong><u>React JS Interview Questions</u></strong></h3>

1. Differentiate between Real DOM and Virtual DOM.

2. What is React?

3. What are the features of React?

4. List some of the major advantages of React.

5. What are the limitations of React?

6. What is JSX?

7. What do you understand by Virtual DOM? Explain its working.

8. Why can’t browsers read JSX?

9. How different is React’s ES6 syntax when compared to ES5?

10. How is React different from Angular?

11. What do you understand from “In React, everything is a component”.

12. Explain the purpose of render() in React.

13. How can you embed two or more components into one?

14. What is Props?

15. What is a state in React and how is it used?

16. Differentiate between states and props.

17. How can you update the state of a component?

18. What is arrow function in React? How is it used?

19. Differentiate between stateful and stateless components.

20. What are the different phases of React component’s lifecycle?

21. Explain the lifecycle methods of React components in detail.

22. What is an event in React?

23. How do you create an event in React?

24. What are synthetic events in React?

25. What do you understand by refs in React?

26. List some of the cases when you should use Refs.

27. How do you modularize code in React?

28. How are forms created in React?

29. What do you know about controlled and uncontrolled components?

30. What are Higher Order Components(HOC)?

31. What can you do with HOC?

32. What are Pure Components?

33. What is the significance of keys in React?
<h3><strong><u>React Redux – Interview Questions</u></strong></h3>

34. What were the major problems with MVC framework?

35. Explain Flux.

36. What is Redux?

37. What are the three principles that Redux follows?

38. What do you understand by “Single source of truth”?

39. List down the components of Redux.

40. Show how the data flows through Redux?

41. How are Actions defined in Redux?

42. Explain the role of Reducer.

43. What is the significance of Store in Redux?

44. How is Redux different from Flux?

45. What are the advantages of Redux?

47. Why is switch keyword used in React Router v4?

48. Why do we need a Router in React?

49. List down the advantages of React Router.

50. How is React Router different from conventional routing




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