How to recover hidden data from pen-drives which are attacked by Virus?


Want to recover the Important lost data in your pendrive?

We capture many pictures and videos or we have some valuable documents in our day to day life. It is really difficult to maintain the huge data in the mobile and sometimes we need to bring this data to some ware like conferences, workspace, presentations so mostly we bring the data through the pendrives or hard disk. There are some issues that we face in order to fetch the saved data. Many times the pendrive have data but if we open nothing will be present.

What is the reason behind it?

The reason might be virus attack or files got hided In this blog we have provided the step by step procedure with images and examples to recover your data(photos, Videos, important files etc..) that you lost.


Follow these simple steps and get your lost data back.

Process 1:

Open computer and goto organize which is present in top left side of the window then click on Folder and search options, Now a window will be open as follows


Now goto View and select Show hidden files, folders and drives then click on OK.

Note: This options may vary depends on windows operating system(This article is based on windows 7). In Windows 8,10 View option is directly shown in top of the window it self.

This is most known process but still if u didn’t get  your data? then goto process 2, this will be the ultimate technique to get your lost data.

Process 2:

1. press ctrl+windows, and open RUN.

2. Once it is opened, type 'cmd' and press OK.


3. Go to removable disk(for example your pendrive shows “E” drive) e: enter.


4. Execute command as mentioned below

attrib -r -s -h /s /d *.*

4. The cursor blinks for some time it takes some time to recover the files.

5. And you will get the data that was not visible earlier.


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